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A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau showed that Texas leads the nation in hail storm insurance claims on homes, vehicles, and other property. The report showed that Texans filed more than 394,000 insurance claims related to hail damage from 2013 to 2015. Claims from Texas made up nearly 20 percent of the nation’s […]

The Texas Farm Bureau, the state’s largest farm organization, withdrew its proposal to offer discounts to policy holders who would waive their rights to their Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury for any disputes that arise in insurance claims. The proposal before the Texas Department of Insurance would have allowed Texas Farm Bureau, and […]

A Texas 18 wheeler accident near Temple claimed the life of a motorcyclist. Another fatal accident near San Antonio involved four big rigs and took the life of one of the truck drivers. State and local law enforcement officials are investigating the cause of the fatal accidents. These accidents were just two among the several […]

The auto accident insurance claim system is rigged to help the insurance companies. Without people who will stand up to the insurance companies, nothing will ever change.

The insurance system is rigged against us. Insurance companies spend millions on lobbyists and politicians for favorable laws and rules. But you can fight the rigged system.

A report from the Insurance Council of Texas shows that hail storm insurance claims from the November 4, 2016, storm that struck El Paso could exceed $100 million. Mark Hannah, a member of the Council, described the damages from the storm as a “catastrophe” to an El Paso television station. Mr. Hannah also stated that […]

A series of Texas 18 wheeler accidents claimed several victims across the state during the last week of October and the first week of November. Four people lost their lives in a fiery crash near San Antonio on October 28. A driver lost his life in a Texas 18 wheeler accident in northwest Houston. A […]

The East Texas area is home to several extremely dangerous roads. For instance, Interstate 20 (from Canton to Tyler and through Longview) has a long history of dangerous 18 wheeler accidents. Many of these 18 wheeler wrecks have led to the wrongful deaths of numerous victims. However, many of these 18-wheeler wrecks can be prevented. […]

The month of October began with a series of Texas 18 wheeler crashes across the state. These accidents contributed to numerous injuries, as well as several fatalities. An early-morning Texas 18 wheeler crash near Houston led to at least one fatality. Another two accidents near New Braunfels led to a driver suffering potentially life-threatening injuries. […]

The devastation that Hurricane Matthew left across Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas could also affect homeowners in Texas. The anticipated amount of storm damage insurance claims by residents of those states affected by the hurricane could leave many Texas homeowners either uncovered or with minimal coverage. The high number of storm damage insurance claims could […]