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Flowers-Law Files Dog Bite Lawsuit

When a 9-year-old girl went to talk with her two backyard neighbors, she never would have expected to be bitten by the neighbors’ dog. But, that’s exactly what happened. The neighbor boys propped their arms over the wooden fence and the young girl ran to join them. The young girl propped her arms at the top of the wooden fence when the neighbors’ full-grown mastiff mix jumped up and took a large bite out of her arm. The dog attack required three surgical procedures, the young girl has been left with permanent scarring across her forearm and lifelong emotional scarring.

This young girl’s parents were looking for a dog bite lawyer in Tyler, Texas. What we learned during our investigation was that this child was bitten by a mastiff mix that was unregistered and unvaccinated. When the young girl was bitten, a large chunk of her arm was torn from her bone ultimately requiring surgery, a pic line, and a skin graft. If it sounds gruesome, the pictures are equally horrific.

The owners have multiple large dogs, including the mastiff, a pit bull, and a third large mutt. Of course, the owners are protective and defensive of their dogs. However, our investigation has further shown that these dogs have had the cops called on them multiple times. These dogs have had neighbors file complaints against them. These dogs have been caught roaming the streets by animal control. Videos of these dogs show that they are aggressive and violent. Just because dogs do not attack family members in the home does not mean they are not a risk to the public.

As a dog bite attorney in Tyler, Texas, we recognize that every pet owner sees their own animals in a loving light. They can be companions. They can be protectors. They are, indeed, “man’s best friend.” But there are admittedly several dog breeds that can pose a substantial risk to strangers and children. Some dogs are naturally protective. Some dogs are naturally combative. And some dogs have personalities that are, by nature or nurture, aggressive and dangerous.

But each dog poses its own levels of risk. Dog owners must responsibly assess the risks of their dogs. Additionally, certain areas of the state require dog owners to register their dogs with the city–not only to assure safe dog ownership but also to assure appropriate vaccination. When a dog owner fails to live up to these responsibilities, a victim of an attack from such a dog should contact a dog bite lawyer in Tyler, Texas.

In Texas, if a dog shows dangerous propensities, the owners can be held responsible for the damages caused. Dogs require proper feeding, exercise, training, and behavior monitoring. In our case, the owners want people to believe the dogs are cute and cuddly and have never posed a risk. And their insurance company lawyers are intent upon preventing discovery into their dangerous tendencies. However, there are many people who will testify that these dogs were dangerous and were a ticking time-bomb.

Ultimately, a jury will determine whether these dogs were dangerous and whether these dog owners acted reasonably. The victims, though, are a young girl and her family who will forever be scarred (physically and emotionally) because of these dogs. And our Tyler, Texas, dog bite lawyer will continue to investigate and push for our clients and continue to fight for this young victim.