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Tip 5: Membership in Trade Organizations: Is the lawyer a member of any groups or organizations relating to car wreck law? There are many statewide and national organizations for lawyers. MANY!!! As always, some are better than others. The important thing, though, is that being a member of trade organizations allows for lawyers to keep […]

When trying to select the best car accident attorney for your case, there are several websites on the web that try to “rate” or “review” lawyers.

Tip 4: Results: What types of results has the lawyer gotten for similar types of cases? Some Texas lawyers for car accidents also handle various other types of cases, such as family law, divorce cases, or criminal defense cases. This can be both good and bad. Typically, lawyers who handle family law cases or criminal […]

Trust is EARNED. How do you know if you can Trust your lawyer?

When looking to hire a Texas car wreck attorney, ask how the law firm handles communication by and between the client and the law firm. Being able to communicate is essential to the success of a personal injury case. 

Ultimately, the choice of choosing a car accident attorney can be difficult. So, here are a few tips and a few questions to ask before signing a contingency contract with a Texas personal injury attorney.

One of the common types of injuries after a car accident is a bulging disc or herniated disc in the spine. After conservaitve treatment does not address the ongoing pain issues in the back or neck, another option for treatment would be surgery on the neck or back.

The primary goal of medical treatment after a car accident is to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by the herniated disc.

A “contingency fee” is a services agreement that allows for the person or business providing the service to collect a portion of money collected. In the legal world, contingency fee agreements are most commonly used by personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers.

When requesting compensation for medical bills in a Texas personal injury case, look on your medical bills for a few important items: (1) the total amount of the billed charges, (2) a listing of any payments that have been made, (3) a listing of any write-offs or adjustments, and (4) the total balance owed.