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Tip 3 for Choosing your Best Texas Car Accident – Reviews

Tip 3: Reviews: What do the lawyer’s prior clients say?

When trying to select the best car accident attorney for your case, there are several websites on the web that try to “rate” or “review” lawyers. Any website that allows customers and clients to input their own words to review a lawyer are certainly more valuable because you can research directly what others are saying about the lawyer’s services. Before selecting a car wreck lawyer for your case and before scheduling the free consultation with the law firm, do some research on the lawyer.

Each of these review services comes with a list of caveats. But some people find reviews helpful if there is a pattern. For instance, the reviews for The Flowers Law Firm consistently praise our “family” atmosphere and the communication abilities of our staff. This is intentional on our part. Conversely, if there are several negative reviews about a lawyer regarding communication skills, the pattern may be indicative of a communication issue.

Here are a few websites that may be helpful for reading reviews of a lawyer or a law firm.

Google: Of course, Google is the best place to start to find reviews of Texas car accident attorneys. If you do a google search of the lawyer, typically, the reviews will show up on the right side of the page. These reviews are on a 5-star rating basis and former clients are able to review their lawyers in their own wording.

AVVO: Avvo is owned by a larger company called Martindale Hubbel. Avvo has a complicated review process and rating process that purports to give lawyers a rating on a 10.0 scale. Be aware that not all lawyers have participated in the service and just because a lawyer may have a lower Avvo rating may simply mean that the lawyer has not participated in the service. Avvo also allows peers and former clients to describe the lawyer in their own words. This part of the service is helpful.

Yelp: Another customer review site, not many lawyers actually participate in the Yelp review process. The volume of Yelp reviews for a law firm is usually relatively minimal, but again, Yelp allows customers to describe the lawyer in their own words.

Martindale Hubbel: Martindale also has a peer review service that allows for some lawyers to become “AV Preeminent” rated. This rating is based upon confidential submissions by other lawyers about the knowledge, skill, professionalism, and expertise of the lawyer.

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