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Truck Accident Injury Lawsuits

Accidents involving tractor trailer trucks are often more severe than those involving passenger cars or trucks. Highway speeds, massive loads, and drowsy drivers can be a lethal combination that leads to disaster.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, you have to deal with numerous issues. Here are answers to some of those truck wreck issues:

When should I contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney?

You should contact an 18 wheeler accident at your earliest opportunity. The earlier you contact an attorney, the fresher the evidence will be for your case, and the better your chances are of receiving compensation for your injuries. Some of the things that must be handled immediately after a truck wreck would include accident reconstruction, data downloads from the truck “black box”, and scene investigation. If you wait to call a truck wreck attorney, some of this evidence may no longer be available.

My insurance company says that I shouldn’t use an attorney and that they would take care of everything. Why should I call an 18 wheeler accident attorney?

You need to remember that insurance companies exist to make a profit, just like any other business. An insurance company’s “bottom line” is affected if it pays full compensation, so it will take every chance to minimize the damage and injury. An experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney in Tyler, Texas, works to protect your rights, not to protect the insurance company’s bottom line.

My insurance company wants to record a statement from me about the accident. Should I agree to this?

Absolutely not. Some unscrupulous insurance adjusters will take your statement and use it against you during the claims process. The best way to protect yourself is to refer all inquiries from your insurance provider to your 18 wheeler accident attorney.

What should I do if the trucking company or its insurance carrier calls me?

You should not disclose any information to the trucking company or its insurance carrier or the trucking lawyer. Instead, you can refer them to your 18 wheeler accident attorney. A veteran attorney in Tyler, Texas, knows which questions they will ask and how best to answer them, while still protecting your rights.

But what if the trucking company’s insurance carrier offers me a cash settlement if I don’t contact an attorney? Shouldn’t I take what I can get?

Insurance carriers for trucking companies are in the business of offering as little as possible for claims against them. You can almost count on the fact that any settlement they offer would be pennies on the dollar for what you can get with the help of an attorney.

The police report shows that the accident was caused by mechanical failure on the truck. Do I still have a case?

Whenever you’ve been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, there are many potential causes that can lead to the wreck. Mechanical failure on a tractor trailer can be caused by worn tires, defective brakes, inadequate safety systems, or any number of causes that could have been prevented if the trucking company kept up proper maintenance schedules for their vehicles. These can all be grounds for an 18 wheeler injury accident lawsuit.

What if the driver was drunk, drugged, or drowsy? Does my case get any special consideration?

State and federal laws prohibit truck drivers from operating tractor trailers while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Federal regulations also require that drivers take breaks to prevent drowsy driving. If your truck wreck attorney uncovers evidence that the driver operated under these conditions, your case against the trucker and his employer becomes stronger.

Can any type of attorney help me with an 18 wheeler injury accident lawsuit?

Most attorneys specialize in one area of law. You would not want to hire a tax attorney to help you with an 18 wheeler injury accident case. You should contact an experienced truck wreck attorney in Tyler, Texas, who understands how to deal with the intricacies of insurance carriers, trucking regulations, and medical expenses.

How can an 18 wheeler accident attorney help me?

Insurance carriers and trucking companies have armies of attorneys, paralegals, and staffers to protect their bottom lines. An 18 wheeler accident attorney in Tyler, Texas, works for you and can offer you the best protection against these powerful forces.

How expensive is it to work with an 18 wheeler accident attorney?

At The Flowers Law Firm, we work on a contingency basis. This means that we receive compensation only if we win your case or reach an out-of-court settlement. We also provide free consultations.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, call The Flowers Law Firm at 903-965-2000. Our friendly staff will ask you a few questions about your case and connect you to an attorney who can help you with your 18 wheeler accident injury lawsuit.