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Texas Drunk Driver Causes Wreck–and Pays for It.

If you ask a random Texas car wreck attorney, you will likely hear a common theme: most automobile collisions are not caused by accidents. In most automobile collision investigations, the root cause of the collision can be traced to some conscious act or willful conduct that resulted in the collision– driver inattention, texting while driving, driving too fast, etc. The end result (the collision) may not be the intent. But that does not necessarily classify the event as an “accident”. Consider the case of a drunk driver.

Recently, The Flowers Law Firm resolved our clients’ claim involving a drunk driver. This particular drunk driver had previously been arrested for driving while intoxicated on a prior occasion (along with a variety of other criminal conduct). On the night of their collision, our clients were alert enough to take some evasive actions that ultimately saved their lives. However, our clients’ truck was totaled and both were severely injured requiring months of follow up treatment and significant damage to their business and income.

Our client recently posted a very flattering review on the legal website, AVVO.com (see review HERE).

Our Tyler car wreck attorney believes in investigating the root cause of every automobile collision. Not every wreck involves a drunk driver or even an arrest. Ultimately, determining the true cause of an injury requires an experienced Texas car wreck attorney to do the work, work with the clients, and gather the evidence necessary to determine who was truly at fault.

That is one reason The Flowers Law Firm offers a free consultation for any person injured in a Texas car wreck. As our client noted, we will even drive to meet with potential clients in some circumstances– from Tyler to Houston, from Dallas to Texarkana and Carthage, and all of the towns in between and throughout East Texas.


Sisters injured by uninsured driver

In April 2014, The Flowers Law Firm successfully finalized the settlement of two claims for uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits. Two sisters were riding in their SUV when an unlicensed and uninsured driver cut across an intersection in front of them. The collision caused both sisters to sustain injuries to their backs, legs, and chest. Their SUV was totaled. Both sisters received treatments and had to endure months of physical therapy due to the collision. The driver of the vehicle that caused the collision was ticketed for (1) failure to yield, (2) failure to possess a driver’s license, and (3) failure to possess insurance.

After the collision, the sisters called The Flowers Law Firm and retained the firm to assist them with their uninsured/underinsured motorist claim. This case is a perfect example of why having UM/UIM coverage on an insurance policy is so vitally important. Without this insurance, the sisters would not have been able to seek any compensation for the injuries they sustained. After the sisters treated with their medical providers, the Firm was able to reach an amicable resolution of their insurance claims and worked with health insurers and Medicare to reach an ultimate resolution to their insurance claims.

Just because the negligent person may be an unlicensed or uninsured driver, this does not mean that you are out of options. The Flowers Law Firm in Tyler, Texas is proud to represent injured people across East Texas with their personal injury matters.


Personal Injury / Car Accident / 18 Wheeler Accident:

In September 2013, The Flowers Law Firm resolved an insurance claim for a confidential settlement. Our client was rear-ended by a dump truck on his way home from work. Until this car wreck, our client had been a hard working, blue-collar worker who prided himself on being able to handle his job that required heavy lifting throughout the day. After the wreck, though, he struggled and was subsequently terminated because he was no longer able to do his job. Doctors tried to give him relief, but ultimately recommended surgery.

Thankfully, our client was able to receive a settlement that will allow him to get the surgery he needs and hopefully get back to work.

We pride ourselves on providing quality representation to those who have been injured through no fault of their own.


Premises Liability

The Flowers Law Firm assisted in a trial in Harris County, Texas involving a dangerous condition at a laundromat. Our client, a one-legged man, was putting his laundry into a washing machine while an employee of the laundromat mopped the floor directly behind and adjacent to him. When he turned, his crutches slipped on the now wet flooring and his one good leg was broken in several places. The jury found that the laundromat was negligent and awarded our client damages for his injury, including his medical bills and the pain he endured.