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What are the treatment options for a herniated disc after a car wreck?

If you think you may have suffered a herniated disc or bulging disc after a car accident, it is extremely important to promptly seek medical treatment. The types of treatments you receive will depend greatly on the types of injuries you sustained and the location of the injuries. Ultimately, the primary goal of medical treatment is to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by the herniated disc.

Conservative Treatment Options for an Injured Back

A medical provider will construct a treatment plan based on the location of the pain, severity of the pain, and any additional symptoms. Usually, a treatment plan will start with conservative treatments. Conservative treatment of a back injury would include things like applying ice and heat to the affected area. It is usually recommended that the area be treated with chiropractic manipulation or physical therapy. Pain medications are generally recommended to help tolerate the pain from the injury and from the treatment. Epidural injections are also commonly used to help reduce inflammation.

Typically, conservative treatments are attempted for four to six weeks before more invasive treatments are considered.

It will also be recommended that during the time of treatment, the injured person should not life heavy weights or cause any additional strain or pressure on the affected areas. This helps prevent further injury and excessive wear and tear.

If conservative treatments prove unsuccessful, surgery may become necessary.

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