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What are the symptoms of a herniated disc after a car accident?

After a car accident, many victims will feel pain in various parts of the body. After the initial shock wears off, there will many times be areas of the body that hurt worse than others. One of the more common types of injuries occurs in the spine at the discs in between the vertebrae.

Typically, most herniated discs occur in the low back (lumbar). To learn, “What Is A Herniated Disc?” click this LINK.  There are many factors that determine the type and severity of a person’s injuries after a car accident. But, how do you know if you have a problem in your back after a car wreck?

Common symptoms of a herniated disc in the back include:

Back, Arm Or Leg Pain

Numbness and Tingling


If you feel any of these symptoms after a car wreck, contact a medical provider immediately. Medical professionals will be able to diagnose potential issues in the back and, if conservative treatment is unsuccessful, an MRI will likely be performed to see if there is herniation or a bulge in the discs.

Complications from Herniated Discs

In addition to pain, over time, there can be significant, life-long complications that stem from herniated discs in the back. For instance, if there is pain that tends to be worsening instead of improving, the herniation may require surgical intervention. Herniation can also cause people to become incontinent or have bladder and bowel issues. Eventually, there can be a progressive loss of feeling, particularly in the lower body around the buttocks and inner thighs.

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