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Tip 4 for Choosing your Best Texas Car Accident – Results

Tip 4: Results: What types of results has the lawyer gotten for similar types of cases?

Some Texas lawyers for car accidents also handle various other types of cases, such as family law, divorce cases, or criminal defense cases. This can be both good and bad. Typically, lawyers who handle family law cases or criminal cases spend a lot more time in trial. Generally, car accident cases rarely go to trial. Having actual trial experience is extremely important. Handling other types of cases allows for some lawyers to be in front of the judges and to be comfortable in front of a jury.

However, if the lawyer is doing multiple areas of law, then it can be difficult at times to keep up with current trial trends, current defense tactics, and legal strategies.

Some law firms have multiple lawyers who each handle different areas of the law. For instance, The Flowers Law Firm, for instance, has a family law lawyer and a car accident lawyer.

Most lawyers will be happy to share any case results — most lawyers do not have a problem with bragging. Many lawyers have a page on their website dedicated only to case results. The Flowers Law Firm Results page is HERE. When you are talking with a potential car wreck lawyer, ask questions such as:

  • Have you handled a case like mine before?
  • Have you gone to trial on a case like mine before? What happened?
  • Are there any defenses that the other driver may assert in a case like mine?

Experience matters. Results matter. So, before you hire a car accident attorney, ask questions.

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Tip 4: Results: What types of results has the lawyer gotten for similar types of cases?

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