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Canton Residents Recover From East Texas Tornado Damage

Residents of Canton and Van Zandt County endured at least four tornadoes last week. These storms caused more than $1 million in East Texas tornado damage, including flipped vehicles, uprooted trees, and shattered windows. More than 50 people were treated at local medical facilities. News reports showed that at least four residents lost their lives as a result of this powerful storm system. A week after the devastating storms, residents are still recovering and assessing the damage.

East Texas Tornadoes Carve Path of Destruction

The storms struck Van Zandt County and surrounding areas on April 29 and 30. The rural community of Canton, located about 50 miles east of Dallas, took the brunt of the East Texas tornado damage. Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett told reporters that the storms carved a path more than 35 miles along and at least 15 miles wide. Reports from the National Weather Service showed that one tornado moved across the ground for more than 50 miles.

East Texas Tornado Damage Cuts Across Area

Residents are still in the process of assessing the extent of the East Texas tornado damage. The day after the storms passed, rescue crews looked through the damaged and destroyed homes looking for families who may have been caught by surprise. At a Dodge dealership in Canton, workers found several pickup trucks overturned by the high winds. One resident told reporters that her house was completely flattened, but her family made it to safety before the storm hit.

Insurance Adjusters Review East Texas Tornado Damage Claims

Many victims of the East Texas tornado damage will be looking to their insurance provider to give them relief in their hour of need. The adjuster will visit the sites of the East Texas tornado damage, examine the property, and prepare a report for the insurance carrier. The carrier will use this report to determine if, and how much, a policy holder can receive on their claim. While this is the theoretical purpose of the adjuster’s visit, homeowners often encounter less-than-ideal circumstances regarding their claims.

East Texas Tornado Damage Claims Could Be Denied, Underpaid

According to industry reports, Texas has the highest number of storm damage insurance claims of any state. The recent East Texas tornado damage will undoubtedly add to that total. Insurance companies may seek to lessen the impact on their bottom lines by denying or underpaying East Texas tornado damage insurance claims. When this occurs, policy holders should contact an experienced East Texas insurance claims attorney.

Know Your Rights in an East Texas Tornado Damage Insurance Lawsuit

The professional staff and experienced attorneys at The Flowers Law Firm stand ready to offer legal advice for East Texas Tornado damage insurance claims. Our record of success and our list of satisfied clients shows that we work hard to protect the rights of East Texas residents. Call or email us today to schedule a consultation on your East Texas Tornado damage lawsuit, and we will be happy to discuss the details of your case.
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