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POSTED ON 08/28/2017

How To File Your Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim

As I previously wrote, there is a new law in Texas beginning September 1, 2017, that limits consumer rights. One of the provisions of the new law reduces the penalty...

POSTED ON 08/28/2017

File Your Hurricane Harvey Claim BEFORE September 1st – Here’s Why

Effective September 1, 2017, a new insurance law will go into effect in Texas. This new law was passed in the 2017 legislative session despite significant efforts by businesses, consumer...

POSTED ON 08/26/2017

How Long Do I Have To File a Personal Injury Claim In Texas?

In Texas, a personal injury claim is subject to strict time limits. Any person injured by the negligence of another can file a personal injury lawsuit. However, that lawsuit must...

POSTED ON 08/23/2017

What Is My Car Wreck Case Worth?

First, An Analogy When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards. As often as possible, I would purchase the Beckett Baseball Card magazine that literally listed every baseball card...

POSTED ON 08/22/2017

What is PIP Insurance?

Personal Injury Protection Insurance, commonly referred to as PIP, is a type of coverage that pays for a portion of the covered individual’s medical expenses after he or she is...

POSTED ON 08/19/2017

What Is A Deposition?

If you are ever a party to a personal injury lawsuit, you may end up having to do a deposition. A deposition is one method lawyers use to gather information...

POSTED ON 08/16/2017

What is Gap Insurance?

There is an old saying that if you buy a new car, the second you drive the car off the lot, it is no longer worth what you paid for...

POSTED ON 08/15/2017

What is “Discovery” in Texas Personal Injury Cases?

If you have ever been involved in a personal injury lawsuit, your personal injury lawyer may tell you that you are in a "discovery phase" or that you have to...

POSTED ON 06/13/2017

Fatal Texas Tractor Trailer Accident Also Leaves 2 Injured

Investigators looking into a fatal Texas tractor trailer accident near Dallas claim that the chain-reaction wreck that also left two people injured was caused by an 18 wheeler that failed...