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How To File Your Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim

As I previously wrote, there is a new law in Texas beginning September 1, 2017, that limits consumer rights. One of the provisions of the new law reduces the penalty owed by insurance companies who delay or withhold payments.

File Your Insurance Claim IN WRITING and do it BEFORE September 1st

At this point, you likely have no clue what the full extent of your damages will be. At the time of this writing, it is still raining in Houston and the surrounding areas. The damages will likely get worse. But, it is still important to get your claim filed before September 1st. To set up your claim, you must give the insurance company a notice of claim.

Where to Send Your Notice of Claim

Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to call and get an address to send in your WRITTEN notice of claim. Here is a list of the most common carriers with their claim notification phone numbers:

Sample Claim Notification

If you don’t know what to say, send something similar to the below sample claim notice to your insurance company. Send the notification by certified mail, priority mail, fax, or even email. Regardless of how you send it, keep proof of sending.



Name of Homeowner(s)/Insured(s):

Phone Number(s):

Policy Number:

Date of Loss:

Property Address:

Insurance Company:

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Texas Insurance Code, Section 542, please consider this letter to be formal written “notice of claim” for the property listed above. The insured property has received damage as set out above. Please set up a claim, acknowledge receipt of this notice of claim, commence your investigation, and contact me to discuss any documentation or statements you may need relating to this claim.

Thank you for your courtesies and cooperation. I look forward to promptly hearing from you.


Signed by Homeowners