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Fatal Texas Tractor Trailer Accident Also Leaves 2 Injured

Investigators looking into a fatal Texas tractor trailer accident near Dallas claim that the chain-reaction wreck that also left two people injured was caused by an 18 wheeler that failed to stop. A report from the Texas Department of Public Safety showed that the driver of the tractor trailer rammed into the rear of a passenger car after he failed to reduce speed to match the traffic flow. Authorities are still looking into the causes as to why the driver failed to slow down.

Details of the Dallas Texas Tractor Trailer Accident

The Texas tractor trailer accident occurred on Tuesday afternoon on Interstate 30 near the town of Fate, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. The big rig was traveling on the westbound side of the interstate, but failed to slow down to keep with the main traffic flow. The truck reportedly slammed into the rear of a passenger vehicle, which caused a chain reaction that included another tractor trailer, two more passenger cars, and a ten-passenger van. One woman was killed, and two other people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Potential Causes of the Texas Tractor Trailer Accident

A former police accident investigator spoke to a local media outlet about the potential causes Texas tractor trailer accident. Pete Schulte spoke with a Dallas television station regarding the factors that investigators would explore to determine the causes of the accident. The mechanical factors he mentioned included brake wear, the weight of the load, and the speed at which the truck was traveling. The investigation would also include factors involving the driver, including fatigue, distraction, or driving while under the influence.

Texas Tractor Trailer Accident Report: Trucking Company Had Previous Violations, Accidents

A report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration showed that the trucking company involved in the Texas tractor trailer accident had several violations on its record dating back to October 2016. The agency, which is responsible for regulating the trucking industry, revealed that drivers for the trucking company had been cited three times for speeding, three times for lane restrictions, and one time for following too close. The report also showed that another driver with the company was involved in an accident in Louisiana in February of this year.

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