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Flowers-Law Files Suit Against Underage, Unlicensed Driver

When parents allow an underage, unlicensed driver to drive their motor vehicles, they are taking a major risk. Our client was injured when a kid with a learner’s permit blew through a stop sign and caused a collision with our client.

Our firm worked with the injured driver as their auto accident lawyer in Tyler, Texas. Despite our attempts to reach a resolution with the insurance company, the insurance company for the kid driver (Standard Insurance) forced a lawsuit to be filed. In short, some insurance companies refuse to offer an amount of money that would even cover the medical bills. And when insurance companies offer pathetic amounts of money to settle personal injury claims, our East Texas car wreck lawyer files suit. This is a matter of public concern because no victim of a car wreck should ever be left paying for medical bills that they did not cause.

In Texas, we have laws regarding the safe operation of motor vehicles for a reason- – SAFETY. Safety requires that people operate cars with a license and with accident prevention in mind. If a driver is not properly trained, they should not be operating a vehicle alone. And the driver that injured our client was driving a car by himself when the law said he should not have been doing so.

Ultimately, a Delta County jury will have to determine the liability and damages in this case. When a hard working East Texan gets injured by a kid who does not even have a driver’s license, the insurance company should stand up and pay reasonable injury claims. When insurance companies refuse to honor their contracts with their insureds, our auto accident attorney in Tyler, Texas, will file suit to make sure our clients are not left holding the bag for someone else’s negligence.

NOTE: Delta County is in north east Texas and includes the area just north of Commerce, Texas and Sulphur Springs, Texas.