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The First Big Texas Hail Storm of 2017– What Now?

Recently, north Texas and East Texas saw the first big hail storms of 2017. And although watching videos of young men hitting hail stones with golf clubs is interesting from a viral video standpoint, many of our neighbors are dealing with serious damage to their homes. When an insurance company refuses to deal with these victims in a fair and just way, they may be left to count on getting help from a hail storm insurance attorney in Tyler, Texas.

Social media lit up with amazing videos of huge hail stones from the hail storms that affected Denton, Collin County, and other areas of north Texas. But as we revel in some comic relief, we must remember that this is just the beginning of hail storm season.

We work with clients all over the region as their East Texas hail storm insurance claims lawyer. Last year, a Flowers Law Firm client in Wylie, Texas sustained not one but two extreme hail storms to their home. The first hail storm damaged their roof. And just when the insurance company had paid for the repair of the roof, another storm came and caused even more damage.

In fact, the day after they received their money from the insurance company to replace their roof from the first hail storm, the second hail storm struck with such a force that softball sized hail blew through the roof, through the decking, through their ceilings, and into their kitchen. The damages were devastating and it took over 7 months for their insurance company to fully evaluate and pay.

With this first hail storm of 2017, the East Texas hail storm insurance claim attorneys at the Flowers Law Firm want to make sure that all of northeast Texas understands the risks that are coming. Here are a few hail storm insurance claim tips: Save your videos and pictures. Get any hail or roof damage evaluated immediately. Document everything and take pictures of everything immediately. Keep receipts. It’s only March and there are surely more heavy storms to come. If you have questions about your hail storm damage, call an East Texas hail storm insurance claims attorney.