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POSTED ON 12/22/2016

Insurance Companies Use New Way to Screw Injury Victims – Recorded Calls

Don't Be a Victim Twice. Don't Settle Your Claim Over The Phone. You have no doubt heard lawyer advertisements tell you not to give a recorded statement to insurance companies....

POSTED ON 11/25/2016

Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Claim Lives in Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock

The weeks prior to the busy holiday season often see an increase in traffic around Texas. Unfortunately, this increase in traffic also frequently leads to an increase in fatal Texas...

POSTED ON 11/24/2016

Report: Texas Leads Nation in Hail Storm Insurance Claims

A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau showed that Texas leads the nation in hail storm insurance claims on homes, vehicles, and other property. The report showed that Texans...

POSTED ON 11/18/2016

Texas Farm Bureau Withdraws Proposal For Homeowners Insurance Claims Arbitration

The Texas Farm Bureau, the state's largest farm organization, withdrew its proposal to offer discounts to policy holders who would waive their rights to their Seventh Amendment right to trial...

POSTED ON 11/16/2016

The Car Wreck Insurance System is Rigged

Insurance Companies Have Rigged The System "He who has the money, has the power." When it comes to car wreck injury claims, it is impossible to think that an insurance...

POSTED ON 11/15/2016

The Insurance System is Rigged

Homeowners Insurance Claim? The System Is Rigged. Consider this. Your good neighbor owes you $100. You call your good neighbor and say "please give me the $100 you owe me." They...

POSTED ON 11/09/2016

El Paso Hail Storm Insurance Claims Could Top $100M

A report from the Insurance Council of Texas shows that hail storm insurance claims from the November 4, 2016, storm that struck El Paso could exceed $100 million. Mark Hannah,...

POSTED ON 11/08/2016

Late October, Early November Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents

A series of Texas 18 wheeler accidents claimed several victims across the state during the last week of October and the first week of November. Four people lost their lives...

POSTED ON 10/25/2016

How to Avoid 18 Wheeler Accidents

The East Texas area is home to several extremely dangerous roads. For instance, Interstate 20 (from Canton to Tyler and through Longview) has a long history of dangerous 18 wheeler...