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Report: Texas Leads Nation in Hail Storm Insurance Claims

A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau showed that Texas leads the nation in hail storm insurance claims on homes, vehicles, and other property. The report showed that Texans filed more than 394,000 insurance claims related to hail damage from 2013 to 2015. Claims from Texas made up nearly 20 percent of the nation’s total hail damage insurance claims.

Texas Cities Among Leaders in Hail Storm Insurance Claims

Due to its size and diverse weather patterns, many areas of Texas are vulnerable to hail storms. While these storms seldom cause deaths or severe injuries, they can often lead to expensive hail storm insurance claims. Several Texas cities have been impacted by severe hail storms. San Antonio experienced a string of severe hail storms in May 2016. In early November, El Paso residents endured a serious hail storm that led to millions of dollars in insurance claims.

Colorado Sees Record Hail Storm Insurance Claims

The high number of hail storm insurance claims is not strictly limited to Texas. Colorado, the state with the second-most claims made in the previous three years, recorded more than 180,000 claims. While this number represents less than half the number of claims from Texas, Colorado also has less than 2 percent of the U.S. population. The NICB report cites changing weather patterns along the state’s Front Range, as well as the strong El Nino weather system in the tropics, as some of the reasons behind the increase in hail storms.

Hail Storm Insurance Claims May Lead to Higher Premiums

The NICB report showed that ten states, mostly in the Great Plains, recorded more than two-thirds of all hail storm insurance claims nationwide. The high number of claims in these states may influence insurers toward raising their homeowners insurance premiums. The steep rise in claims, and their accompanying payouts, may lead to higher premium rates in the coming year, as insurers strive to maintain their profit margins.

Could a Warm Winter Lead to More Texas Hail Storm Insurance Claims?

Early forecasts for the winter months show that many parts of Texas may see above-average temperatures. These high temperatures could lead to the same types of storms that residents are accustomed to seeing in the spring and summer months. Just as the weather systems in San Antonio and El Paso led to high number of hail storm insurance claims, residents across the state could see a White Christmas, not in the form of snow, but in the form of hail stones.

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