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El Paso Hail Storm Insurance Claims Could Top $100M

A report from the Insurance Council of Texas shows that hail storm insurance claims from the November 4, 2016, storm that struck El Paso could exceed $100 million. Mark Hannah, a member of the Council, described the damages from the storm as a “catastrophe” to an El Paso television station. Mr. Hannah also stated that many major insurance carriers have already sent numerous claims adjusters to the El Paso area to go through the thousands of claims filed after the devastating storm.

Agent: 1,400 Hail Storm Insurance Claims Filed Statewide

Insurance agents in the area have reportedly been overwhelmed at the sheer number of hail storm insurance claims filed in the past week. State Farm agent Rafael Martinez told a local television station that the carrier received more than 1,400 calls from across the state since Friday, with the greatest number coming from the El Paso area. Mr. Martinez also stated that his office has not seen this high number of claims since he started five years ago.

Hail Storm Insurance Claims Leave Residents Worried

Numerous El Paso residents also voiced their concerns about the number of hail storm insurance claims. Those residents who spoke out said that they were worried about delays due to the high volume of claims, as well as their fears that the premium payments would rise in response to such volume. A resident who spoke with a local television station said that “it’s going to take a while” to process all the claims that insurers will encounter after the sudden storm.

How Adjusters Handle Hail Storm Insurance Claims

Residents who have filed hail storm insurance claims will meet with their carrier’s insurance adjuster. The adjuster may inspect the damage themselves, or they may bring along a qualified inspector to assess the damage. The adjuster will file a report with the carrier with their evaluations of the type and extent of the hail damage. The insurer will assess the report and determine if the policy holder is entitled to compensation under the terms of the policy.

When Hail Storm Insurance Claims Are Denied or Underpaid

Policy holders must understand that the adjuster works for the insurance carrier, not for the customer. When a carrier receives a high number of claims, the carrier may choose to underpay or deny legitimate hail storm insurance claims so as to protect their profit margins. When these actions occur, the policy holder may have grounds to pursue legal action against the insurer for acting in “bad faith.” An experienced and qualified attorney can help homeowners who believe that their insurers have unfairly underpaid or denied their valid claims.

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