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The Car Wreck Insurance System is Rigged

Insurance Companies Have Rigged The System

“He who has the money, has the power.”

When it comes to car wreck injury claims, it is impossible to think that an insurance company is simply going to be reasonable when paying a personal injury claim. Insurance companies don’t get to spend millions on advertising or put their names on the sides of buildings and golf tournaments by paying insurance claims.

Insurance companies use computer programs to evaluate car accident injury claims. No logic is used. No caring is used. Just computer math. And the goal is to save insurance companies as much as possible.

Insurance Companies Spend Millions on Electing Favorable Politicians

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

It has never been clearer than now that the political system favors certain people over others. Favorable laws are written to help those who provide favors. If you want to know who your elected leaders are accepting money from, click here. Insurance companies. Energy companies. Home builders. Certain names will show up frequently.

You will also see certain Political Action Committees (PAC’s) show up as well. And, thanks to the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, corporate dark money can be hidden in PACs and we, the people, would never know. Insurance companies can now set up PACs, donate large amounts to these secretive organizations, and make it harder for us to know.

Why donate so much to politics? To get favors. And insurance companies donate a lot.

Personal Injury Attorneys Fight the Rigged System

While there are many excellent personal injury attorneys that dutifully and ethically handle car wreck injury claims, unfortunately there are many who allow insurance companies to underpay valid claims. I have, sadly, heard an attorney say that he was in the “lawsuit settling business” because he said going to trial hurts his bottom line.

That is nothing more than laziness. That attitude further helps the insurance companies rig the system further.

When hiring a lawyer, hire someone who will FIGHT THE SYSTEM. Hire someone who will actually go to trial. Without people who will stand up to the insurance companies, nothing will ever change.

The Flowers Law Firm is proud to be part of the solution. We stand up for Texans from Tyler, Longview, and all over East Texas who have been injured in car wrecks, 18 wheeler accidents, and other types of personal injuries. If you want to fight the rigged insurance system, call The Flowers Law Firm at 903-965-2000.