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The Flowers Law Firm is proud to announce a successful jury verdict in an auto accident lawsuit. The Flowers Law Firm worked alongside The Amaro Law Firm of Houston as well as Houston attorney Matt Elwell to obtain a significant verdict for a victim of a horrific car accident. On the night of Oct. 20, […]

A History of Dangerous Activity The Flowers Law Firm is representing the victim of a brutal shooting at the Canton Travel Center, a truck stop located 35 miles northwest of Tyler on Interstate 20. The shooting occurred on June 14, 2016, when a belligerent customer was asked to leave the store. After he left the […]

Texas laws require that your insurer offer you a specific type of liability insurance called personal injury protection (PIP). The law also requires that they make it available to you with any liability auto insurance policy. If you don’t want PIP coverage you have to formally reject it in writing. Personal injury protection can be crucial in the wake of a car accident, and can help to significantly alleviate the costs of your recovery. Most insurers offer PIP coverage up to $10,000, while the minimum amount offered is set at $2500.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are so incredibly dangerous to those who suffer them for two reasons. Firstly, any harm to such a critical organ is sure to be severe and could result in a wrongful death, even in considerably minor accidents. Secondly, a TBI might not be readily apparent and instead worsen dramatically over time […]

Highway patrol agencies all across the country have taken to calling the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day as DUI Season. Inevitably, each year and in nearly every county, driving under the influence arrests will spike dramatically during the holidays. Unfortunately, it all culminates at the end with some states reporting thousands of DUI arrests on New Year’s Eve in years past.