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Texas divorce courts will try to determine what is a ‘just and right division’ of the marital assets.

When going through a divorce in Texas, you may have heard that Texas is a “community property state.” But, what does that mean?

The request for a name change in a Texas divorce proceeding is very common. The most usual request is for a party to change the current married name back to their original name or maiden name.

If the other party in your Texas divorce case or child custody case will do something drastic, talk to a Texas family lawyer to determine if you have sufficient grounds for a restraining order.

It is not uncommon for people to get pay raises or to change jobs to have an increased income. Sometimes those pay raises can be significant. So, what happens to your child support when your ex gets a pay raise?

After a court order or agreement for visitation is reached, it is important that all parties to the agreement follow through with the terms of the agreement. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Texas family law cases require one of the parties to prove a fact in order for a judge to sign an order granting relief. But, how much evidence is needed?

A court can order an employer to withhold amounts from a person’s paycheck for child support, cash medical support, and spousal support.

A court will consider numerous factors in determining the “best interests of the child” in order to protect the child and give the child the best opportunity for success.

Discovery allows the parties to verify the accuracy of statements and make a fair and true accounting of the assets and liabilities.

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