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Can I Get A Name Change In A Texas Divorce?

The request for a name change in a Texas divorce proceeding is very common. The most usual request is for a party to change the current married name back to their original name or maiden name.

Essentially, if someone wants to change their name, that person needs to testify they are not requesting the name change to avoid prosecution of a crime, avoid creditors, or any other improper purpose. Most people going through a divorce can easily testify to these facts.

There are several reasons people want a name change:

  • A clean break from the spouse
  • To go back to who they were known as prior to the marriage
  • To match their family or other children.

Some people keep their married names, however, for various reasons.

  • They want to have the same last names as their children;
  • Going through the hassle of changing a name is long and tedious;
  • If they have been married a long time, that may be the only name other people know them by.