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Can I Get A Restraining Order?

Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) are extremely common in Texas Family Law cases. In fact, some area courts have what is called a Standing TRO which can be invoked by either party at the inception of a case.

Tyler Family Law Standing Order

Generally, a TRO contains common restrictions and injunctions that apply to one or both parties. These injunctions are court orders that prevent the parties from doing certain conduct. The purpose of TRO in the Family Law realm is to keep the status quo. Most of the injunctions and restrictions contained in a TRO will prevent one party from doing something under handed or that puts the kids or property at risk during the case.  Common examples of typical restrictions and injunctions included in a TRO are:

  • No hiding assets,
  • No destroying assets,
  • No threatening another party,
  • No running off with the children
  • No threatening phone calls or messages,
  • No harassing conduct,
  • No running up big credit card expenses or incurring unnecessary expense
  • No forging documents

If the other party in your Texas divorce case or child custody case will do something drastic, talk to a Texas family lawyer to determine if you have sufficient grounds for a restraining order.