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What is a Withholding Order for Texas Child Support?

In a Texas suit affecting the parent-child relationship, where child support is involved, the State goes to great lengths to make sure that child support is awarded. In an effort to make the collection of child support easier, the Court is permitted to enter an order directing employers to withhold child support payments.

An Income Withholding for Support Order (or “Withholding Order”) orders an employer to withhold child support, cash medical support, and even spousal support from an employee’s paycheck. A withholding order is a separate order from a divorce decree or from a temporary order. The form for a withholding order can be obtained from the Texas Office of the Attorney General – Child Support Division.

Is a Withholding Order Required?

A Withholding Order for Child Support is not required. However, many courts prefer using a withholding order simply because it increases the likelihood that a person will pay his or her child support.

Can I Get a New Withholding Order?

If the employee changes jobs, a new Withholding Order may be required. Look at the Withholding Order signed by the Judge. If the Withholding Order identifies a specific employer, then a new order will be required that has the new employer’s name.

If the child support amount changes, a new Withholding Order is required. For instance, if one of the children covered by the Order turns 18 or a court modifies the child support obligation, an Amended Withhold Order is necessary.