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When a 9-year-old girl went to talk with her two backyard neighbors, she never would have expected to be bitten by the neighbors’ dog. But, that’s exactly what happened. The neighbor boys propped their arms over the wooden fence and the young girl ran to join them. The young girl propped her arms at the […]

Did you choose your own lawyer? Or did your lawyer choose you? If you are a victim of barratry, you are able to void the contract with a lawyer that illegally signed up your case.

Springtime in Texas means several things: bluebonnets, barbecues, and beaches. The spring and summer months also bring a much less pleasant event: bad weather. Last year, homeowners filed a near-record number of storm damage insurance claims across the state. This year has already seen nearly $120 million in storm damage insurance claims from tornadoes in […]

A fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident east of Waco claimed the lives of two women, while another accident involving a jackknifed big rig took three lives in Laredo. Several other Texas 18 wheeler accidents contributed to several injuries, including one in Temple involving a truck driver who had an outstanding warrant, and an accident in […]

Estimates from last week’s devastating tornadoes in and around San Antonio are expected to surpass $100 million.

Hail Insurance Claims and storm damage can be a serious problem. Before the storms come, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from problems that commonly arise during homeowners insurance claims. If there is a hailstorm insurance claim, these tips can help prevent wrongfully denied insurance claims.

Do you need a lawyer for your Texas family law matter? Technically, no. But, judges will require you to know the law and know what to do.

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Tips on what to do when you’re in a car wreck. Tyler Car Wreck Lawyer – Donivan Flowers