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In Texas family law cases, there are several ways to handle your divorce and custody case.

Who gets lottery winnings in a divorce?

Will I have to pay child support? And how much? What does child support actually cover?

We get this question a lot. But as with any type of legal case, the answer really depends on the situation. First, what does sole custody mean? Sole Managing Conservator or Joint Managing Conservator Sole custody (or sometimes called fully custody) is simply a reference to someone who has sole managing conservatorship. A sole managing […]

A standard possession order in Texas is just one option available in a Texas divorce case.

Oil Field Workers Do Not Have to Give Up Custody.

When kids are involved, the court will try to do what is in the best interests of the child. The judge can conduct a private interview with the child under some circumstances.

Tip 5: Membership in Trade Organizations: Is the lawyer a member of any groups or organizations relating to car wreck law? There are many statewide and national organizations for lawyers. MANY!!! As always, some are better than others. The important thing, though, is that being a member of trade organizations allows for lawyers to keep […]

When trying to select the best car accident attorney for your case, there are several websites on the web that try to “rate” or “review” lawyers.

Tip 4: Results: What types of results has the lawyer gotten for similar types of cases? Some Texas lawyers for car accidents also handle various other types of cases, such as family law, divorce cases, or criminal defense cases. This can be both good and bad. Typically, lawyers who handle family law cases or criminal […]