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Using Social Media During a Divorce

During a divorce or child custody proceeding, social media, for all its negatives, can offer support and empathy in a time of great distress. However, social media can also provide a treasure trove of helpful information for the opposing party. Experienced Texas family lawyers tend to look at Facebook first to find bad posts.

Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry on Facebook

Our firm’s Texas family lawyers encourage our clients to avoid posting anything on social media. Why? Because anything you write can be taken out of context. But reality is that most people cannot resist the temptations of posting on social media. If you are one of those types who “must” post on social media, avoid discussing the divorce, custody, your ex, or writing anything about your nighttime activities.

Example: If you post a picture of your night out on the town with your friends, that picture can be misconstrued to argue that you have a drinking problem. Experienced Texas divorce lawyers know how to search Facebook posts for bad pictures.

Another Example: If you post long, emotional posts about your feelings or the “emotional roller coaster” you have been riding, your spouse’s lawyer will use that post as an Exhibit to show the court that you lack the emotional and mental capabilities to care for children.

Rule of thumb: don’t post anything to social media that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the Tyler Morning Telegraph or read out loud in court.

Pay attention to your needs for support through the divorce and custody process, but use your family and friends that are close to you instead of the internet. Do not use social media for your moral or emotional support source.