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Getting Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

One of the more common questions we get from people calling after a car accident relates to getting medical treatment. What options do car accident victims if they need medical treatment? Of course, the answer is different in each circumstance, but generally the answer depends on whether the person involved in the car accident has health insurance.

Health Insurance:

If a person has health insurance, this can open up a wider variety of treatment options for the accident victim. The up side to having health insurance is that the majority of the treatments will be paid for by the insurance company. The down side is that large copays and high deductibles can put a significant financial strain on a family. Also, in most instances, the insurance company will have to be paid back for the money it spent for your treatment out of a settlement.

Deferred Payment Agreements:

If a car accident victim does not have health insurance and still needs treatment, some medical providers will offer what we call a “deferred payment agreement.” Some people refer to these agreements as a “letter of protection.” A deferred payment agreement is between the medical provider and the patient that states that the medical provider will be paid out of any settlement funds received in a personal injury claim. These agreements are usually facilitated by the personal injury attorney that is retained by the accident victim.


In some (rare) instances, there are some charitable organizations that will assist with medical bills. These resources are generally reserved for more severe injuries, such as car accidents involving brain injuries or significant broken bones.

The best way to determine your best options for receiving medical care is to set up a free consultation with a car accident lawyer. Local personal injury attorneys can walk people through their legal options, and in many instances, will have a list of medical providers that may agree to deferred payment agreements.