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POSTED ON 09/26/2019

Will The Court Award My Spouse More in the Divorce?

When dividing the community assets in a divorce case, it is commonly misunderstood that the court is trying to do a 50/50 split of the assets. Texas family courts do...

POSTED ON 09/23/2019

What Is Community Property and Separate Property In Texas Divorces?

When going through a divorce in Texas, you may have heard that Texas is a “community property state.” But, what does that mean? Stated simply, community property is anything acquired,...

POSTED ON 09/19/2019

Can I Get A Name Change In A Texas Divorce?

The request for a name change in a Texas divorce proceeding is very common. The most usual request is for a party to change the current married name back to...

POSTED ON 09/15/2019

Can I Get A Restraining Order?

Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) are extremely common in Texas Family Law cases. In fact, some area courts have what is called a Standing TRO which can be invoked by either...

POSTED ON 08/29/2019

What Does “Best Interests of the Child” Mean?

The phrase “best interests of the child” is used throughout Texas family law. This standard is used to determine custody, child support, access, medical treatment, modifications of custody, and even...

POSTED ON 08/12/2019

What Is The Retainer for a Tyler Divorce Lawyer

Lawyers are running a business. And as with any service related business, lawyers can struggle to receive payment for services provided. The most common way to avoid non-payment and collection...

POSTED ON 08/09/2019

Using Social Media During a Divorce

During a divorce or child custody proceeding, social media, for all its negatives, can offer support and empathy in a time of great distress. However, social media can also provide...

POSTED ON 08/05/2019

How Much Does A Texas Divorce Cost?

The average United States divorce costs about $15,000. The average cost of a divorce in Texas is about $12,000. There are many factors that drive the costs up or down:...

POSTED ON 07/29/2019

How Do We Split Our Property In a Divorce?

Texas is a community property state. What this means is that, with only a few exceptions, any items acquired during the marriage are considered to belong to both spouses equally....