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If the other party in your Texas divorce case or child custody case will do something drastic, talk to a Texas family lawyer to determine if you have sufficient grounds for a restraining order.

It is not uncommon for people to get pay raises or to change jobs to have an increased income. Sometimes those pay raises can be significant. So, what happens to your child support when your ex gets a pay raise?

A court can order an employer to withhold amounts from a person’s paycheck for child support, cash medical support, and spousal support.

A court will consider numerous factors in determining the “best interests of the child” in order to protect the child and give the child the best opportunity for success.

What is “mediation” in a Texas Family Law Case? What does it cost? And is it worth it?

Not every family can operate under a Texas standard possession order. What are some alternatives?

Hourly rates and retainer amounts can vary widely from one divorce lawyer to the next. The largest driving factor for a divorce retainer is usually the anticipated amount of litigation involved.

Pay attention to your needs for support through the divorce and custody process, but use your family and friends that are close to you instead of the internet. Do not use social media for your moral or emotional support source. 

Grandparent rights cases can be particularly fact specific- meaning each situation is different.

What types of things do family law judges consider when determining who gets custody?