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Insurance Claims

POSTED ON 04/26/2017

Children, Teacher Hospitalized in Texas 18 Wheeler Wreck

More than twenty people, most of them young children were hospitalized when their school bus was involved in a Texas 18 wheeler wreck near Beaumont. A teacher and 23 children...

POSTED ON 04/02/2017

The First Big Texas Hail Storm of 2017– What Now?

Recently, north Texas and East Texas saw the first big hail storms of 2017. And although watching videos of young men hitting hail stones with golf clubs is interesting from...

POSTED ON 03/08/2017

Take Steps to Protect Yourself from Storm Damage Insurance Ripoffs

Springtime in Texas means several things: bluebonnets, barbecues, and beaches. The spring and summer months also bring a much less pleasant event: bad weather. Last year, homeowners filed a near-record...

POSTED ON 02/24/2017

San Antonio Tornado Damage Insurance Claims Could Exceed $100M

Early estimates from last week's devastating tornadoes in and around San Antonio are expected to surpass $100 million, according to the Insurance Council of Texas. More than 10,000 tornado damage...

POSTED ON 01/08/2017

Standing Up To State Farm

If A Tree Falls Through Your House, Will Your Insurance Company Hear You? Imagine being on a mission trip in another country and getting a phone call that a 60...

POSTED ON 01/02/2017

Panel Seeks to Limit Texas Insurance Claims Lawsuits

A legislative panel in Austin is considering whether to place limits on the amounts plaintiffs can win in a Texas insurance claims lawsuit. The panel, made up of members of...

POSTED ON 12/22/2016

Insurance Companies Use New Way to Screw Injury Victims – Recorded Calls

Don't Be a Victim Twice. Don't Settle Your Claim Over The Phone. You have no doubt heard lawyer advertisements tell you not to give a recorded statement to insurance companies....

POSTED ON 11/24/2016

Report: Texas Leads Nation in Hail Storm Insurance Claims

A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau showed that Texas leads the nation in hail storm insurance claims on homes, vehicles, and other property. The report showed that Texans...

POSTED ON 11/18/2016

Texas Farm Bureau Withdraws Proposal For Homeowners Insurance Claims Arbitration

The Texas Farm Bureau, the state's largest farm organization, withdrew its proposal to offer discounts to policy holders who would waive their rights to their Seventh Amendment right to trial...