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POSTED ON 06/14/2018

Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer For My Texas Divorce

[embed]https://youtu.be/X8C6eYCsYoY[/embed] People often ask whether they have to hire a lawyer to handle a Texas divorce matter. Generally, people want to save money or think all you have to do...

POSTED ON 04/18/2018

Family Law Mediator

Donivan Flowers - Family Law Mediations In 2018, Donivan Flowers attended and completed the Advanced Family Law Mediation training course provided through the Manousso Mediation Certification Course. This certification allows...

POSTED ON 04/10/2018

Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you've been injured in an accident and are suffering a personal injury, you're well aware that stress (as well as bills, responsibilities, hassles) simply seems to skyrocket. Whether big...

POSTED ON 03/28/2018

How To File For Divorce

Filing for divorce is a different process for different people. While the laws that govern the process are the same across the state of Texas, no two divorces are exactly...

POSTED ON 02/13/2018

New Offices serving the Galveston and Frisco areas

Not everyone can afford an attorney these days for their family law cases. And not everyone can qualify for a legal aid lawyer to represent them for free. So, what...

POSTED ON 08/31/2017

Who gets the children in a divorce?

Custody in Texas Family Law is called "conservatorship". Conservatorship defines the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent. There are three types of conservatorship that a Judge may give in...

POSTED ON 05/20/2017

New Law Ties Texas Child Support Payments To Vehicle Registration

A law that went into effect last year would deny noncustodial parents the ability to renew their vehicle registrations if they are behind on their Texas child support payments. The...