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Family Law Mediator

Donivan Flowers – Family Law Mediations

In 2018, Donivan Flowers attended and completed the Advanced Family Law Mediation training course provided through the Manousso Mediation Certification Course. This certification allows Mr. Flowers to act as an impartial third party (a mediator) in family law cases across the State of Texas.

The Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Act requires that any person appointed as a neutral mediator must complete 40 classroom hours of basic dispute resolution training through a qualified program. Additionally, for a person to act as a family law mediator in cases involving divorce, custody, or other family matters, that person must complete an additional 24 hours of training in the fields of family dynamics, child development, and family law, including a minimum of four hours of family violence dynamics training developed in consultation with a statewide family violence advocacy organization.

Advantages to Using Certified Mediators in Family Law Cases

Mediation is a process where parties to a lawsuit can attempt to resolve their dispute. In family law cases, particularly where there are kids involved, mediation is extremely helpful. It is not surprising that many family law cases involve a complete breakdown of effective communication. A mediator’s job is to facilitate the open communication of the parties. Rather than dragging children and extended family through a long divorce and custody battle, mediation can allow parties to communicate their goals for the conclusion of their divorce matter and find a way to best accomplish those goals.

Using a mediator who has completed the required training courses assures that the mediator has particular skills and training to assist in the communication and resolution goals.