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Family Law

POSTED ON 07/25/2019

What Does the Court Consider When Determining Custody?

Custody fights are common. Typically the issue being fight over is about which parent will be the “primary” custodian—or person who gets to receive child support and determine the child’s...

POSTED ON 07/22/2019

Who Will Make Decisions for My Children in a Texas Divorce?

When people discuss kids in a Texas divorce case, typically they are referring to two issues: Who gets to make decisions about a child's welfare (such as medical care, school,...

POSTED ON 07/19/2019

Getting a Divorce. What are my options?

When married couples find themselves making that very difficult decision to end a marriage, a lot of things need to be considered when determining that next step. There are several...

POSTED ON 07/10/2019

Dividing Lottery Winnings in a Divorce

In June 2019, a Michigan arbitrator awarded a spouse $15,000,000 out of lottery winnings. Almost two years after separating, the husband won $80 Million (after taxes and costs, he only...

POSTED ON 07/09/2019

Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

Do I have to pay child support? If you're asking this question, you are likely dealing with the uncertainty that comes with a divorce. Or, you are dealing with an...

POSTED ON 07/07/2019

Can I Get Sole Custody?

We get this question a lot. But as with any type of legal case, the answer really depends on the situation. First, what does sole custody mean? Sole Managing Conservator...

POSTED ON 06/03/2019

What is the Standard Possession Order in Texas?

When a family is trying to determine schedules for possession and access to children during a divorce, the State of Texas provides a “Standard Possession Order” or “SPO”. There is...

POSTED ON 05/29/2019

Custody Agreements for Oil Field Workers

Many East Texans work in the oil fields. These jobs are grueling, hard work and usually come with difficult hours. And although the pay can be good, the lifestyle can...

POSTED ON 05/26/2019

At what age can a child decide which parent to live with in Texas?

Custody matters can be particularly hard on children. When kids are involved, the court will try to do what is in the best interests of the child. If your case...