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New Law Ties Texas Child Support Payments To Vehicle Registration

A law that went into effect last year would deny noncustodial parents the ability to renew their vehicle registrations if they are behind on their Texas child support payments. The law was implemented in September 2016 and requires that parents who have not kept up with their court-ordered child support payments within the previous six months would be prevented from renewing their vehicle registrations, which would legally prohibit them from driving those vehicles for personal or business purposes.

Details of the Texas Child Support Payment Law

The new law requires that the noncustodial parent receive a notice 90 days prior to the expiration date on their current vehicle registration. The notice informs the parent that they are delinquent in their Texas child support payments and that they can contact the state’s Child Support Division to make payment arrangements. According to Attorney General Ken Paxton, the objective of the law is “to obtain compliance with court order to provide support for children, not to punish parents or deny them their livelihood.”

Impact of Texas Child Support Payment Law

Reports on the program from the attorney general’s office claim that it has collected more than $1 million in back Texas child support payments in just over six months since the program’s implementation. The reports also state more than 3,800 parents have complied with the program, for an average payment of just over $250 per parent. The highest single amount in unpaid child support payments the program has accrued was reportedly over $54,000.

AG: Texas Child Support Payments Law “Effective Tool”

Attorney General Paxton released a statement about the new law and how it helps custodial parents with the Texas child support payments they are due. The statement said that the new program “is proving to be an effective tool.” The program does not require noncustodial parents to bring their payments up to date, but it does allow for the lifting of the hold on registration renewal when the noncustodial parent makes arrangements with the Child Support Division for a payment plan.

Other Licenses Dependent on Texas Child Support Payments

While the law linking Texas child support payments to vehicle registration is relatively new, it is not without precedent. Texas law also requires that professionals seeking to renew their licenses must also be in compliance with court orders on child support payments. These licenses can include medical, dental, and other health care licenses, as well as legal and professional certifications issued by the state.


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