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Car Accidents

POSTED ON 04/02/2017

Flowers-Law Files Suit Against Underage, Unlicensed Driver

When parents allow an underage, unlicensed driver to drive their motor vehicles, they are taking a major risk. Our client was injured when a kid with a learner's permit blew...

POSTED ON 03/06/2017

Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Claim Five Lives

A fatal Texas 18 wheeler accident east of Waco claimed the lives of two women, while another accident involving a jackknifed big rig took three lives in Laredo. Several other...

POSTED ON 02/04/2017

Tyler Texas Car Wreck Attorney

My name is Donivan Flowers and I am an East Texas Injury Attorney based out of Tyler. In 2014 there were 62 confirmed traffic fatalities in Smith County and Gregg...

POSTED ON 02/03/2017

What to do if you’re in a car wreck – Video

If you are hurt or injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, there are a few things you should do immediately. First, make sure you’re OK. If you are...

POSTED ON 01/03/2017

Texas 18 Wheeler Wrecks Claims Life of Small-Town Booster Club President

A fatal Texas 18 wheeler wreck has had a devastating effect on one small community. A bus carrying the cheerleading squad from Iraan High School struck a tractor trailer on...

POSTED ON 12/22/2016

Insurance Companies Use New Way to Screw Injury Victims – Recorded Calls

Don't Be a Victim Twice. Don't Settle Your Claim Over The Phone. You have no doubt heard lawyer advertisements tell you not to give a recorded statement to insurance companies....

POSTED ON 11/25/2016

Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents Claim Lives in Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock

The weeks prior to the busy holiday season often see an increase in traffic around Texas. Unfortunately, this increase in traffic also frequently leads to an increase in fatal Texas...

POSTED ON 11/16/2016

The Car Wreck Insurance System is Rigged

Insurance Companies Have Rigged The System "He who has the money, has the power." When it comes to car wreck injury claims, it is impossible to think that an insurance...

POSTED ON 11/08/2016

Late October, Early November Texas 18 Wheeler Accidents

A series of Texas 18 wheeler accidents claimed several victims across the state during the last week of October and the first week of November. Four people lost their lives...