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Texas 18 Wheeler Wrecks Claims Life of Small-Town Booster Club President

A fatal Texas 18 wheeler wreck has had a devastating effect on one small community. A bus carrying the cheerleading squad from Iraan High School struck a tractor trailer on Interstate 20 near Big Spring, Texas. An adult passenger on the bus, who was the president of the school’s booster club and a sponsor of the junior high school’s cheerleading team, died in the crash. The driver, who was the sponsor of the high school team, as well as several cheerleaders who were passengers on the bus, were transported to local medical facilities.

We extend our thoughts and prayers to the family members, friends, and whole town who have been affected by this tragedy. Small towns are amazingly tight knit. In times like these, everyone must rely on their faith, family, and friends.

Details of the Texas 18 Wheeler Wreck

Reports from state and local authorities show that the fatal Texas 18 wheeler wreck occurred on a rainy Friday night, just hours after Iraan recorded a playoff victory against Munday. A report from the Texas Department of Public Safety showed that the tractor trailer was traveling in the eastbound lanes when the driver swerved to avoid a car in front of him. The truck jumped over the median and struck the bus head-on. As with most school buses, the bus carrying the cheerleaders and sponsors did not have seat belts.

Town Feels Loss from Texas 18 Wheeler Wreck

Liz Pope was the president of the school’s booster club and an instructor in the school’s computer lab. She worked closely with many of the student-athletes at the small-town school. The Monday morning after the accident, school administrators held an assembly and allowed many of the 125 high school students to visit with grief counselors. A local business made T-shirts to honor Ms. Pope, saying “Liz Believed in the Braves.”

Injuries Sustained in Texas 18 Wheeler Wreck

Ms. Pope’s sister, Christina Garlock, was the sponsor for the cheerleading squad and was driving the bus. She reportedly sustained fractures to her ribs, back, legs, and ankles. She was taken to University Medical Center in Lubbock for surgery. A member of the cheerleading squad suffered a fractured skull, a broken cheekbone and bruised lungs. Another member of the squad had two broken vertebrae and a strained neck.

Communities Reach Out After Texas 18 Wheeler Wreck

Many of the surrounding communities volunteered to offer aid to the small town in the wake of the Texas 18 wheeler wreck. Buses from Big Spring took the band students home that night, as the vehicles involved in the wreck blocked the freeway. Nearly a dozen West Texas high schools offered to have their cheerleaders cheer for Iraan in the semi-final playoff game in Abilene. Counselors from surrounding schools offered to work with students and staff to help them process the tragedy.

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