Month: August 2018

The primary goal of medical treatment after a car accident is to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by the herniated disc.

Typically, most herniated discs occur in the low back (lumbar). However, there are many factors that determine the type and severity of a person’s injuries after a car accident. 

When a person is in a car accident, the forces of whipping the body back and forth in the vehicle can put serious strain on the spinal column. This pressure can cause a part of the spine (the disc) to move out of place or even rupture.

A “contingency fee” is a services agreement that allows for the person or business providing the service to collect a portion of money collected. In the legal world, contingency fee agreements are most commonly used by personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers.

When requesting compensation for medical bills in a Texas personal injury case, look on your medical bills for a few important items: (1) the total amount of the billed charges, (2) a listing of any payments that have been made, (3) a listing of any write-offs or adjustments, and (4) the total balance owed.