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Texas 18 Wheeler Crash Leaves Nine Injured in Fort Worth

At least nine people were injured in a Texas 18 wheeler crash on Interstate 35W in north Fort Worth. The tractor trailer, which was reportedly carrying a load of powdered milk at the time, overturned and burst into flames after it collided with a pickup truck and another car. The accident occurred on one of the busiest freeways in the state, forcing authorities to close down traffic for over six hours and causing severe backups during the evening rush hour.

Injuries in the Texas 18 Wheeler Crash

At least three units from the Fort Worth Fire Department answered the call about the Texas 18 wheeler crash, which occurred just after 1pm. According to a fire department spokesperson, five people were treated at the scene of the accident, while four others were transported to local hospitals. One of the drivers injured in the crash was listed in critical condition. The driver was apparently uninjured.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Crash Claims Midland Man

A young driver lost his life in a fatal Texas 18 wheeler crash near Midland. The tractor trailer was hauling telephone poles when, according to reports from state and local law enforcement accident investigators, it turned into a parking lot. The investigation revealed that two of the poles came loose from the tractor trailer and struck the cab of a nearby pickup truck. Emergency responders pronounced the driver of the pickup truck dead at the scene.

Source: News 9 West

Police Investigate Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Crash

Law enforcement officials are investigating a fatal Texas 18 wheeler crash near Abilene. The accident occurred at the intersection of Business 84 and US 84 near Roscoe, about 50 miles west of Abilene. Officials stated that a loaded tractor trailer struck a small passenger car. After the car stopped at a stop sign and pulled into traffic, the 18 wheeler struck it from the side. The driver and the passenger in the car were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Sources: KTXS-TV (1)(2)

Five Children Injured In East Texas 18 Wheeler Crash

A school bus driver and five students were injured in an East Texas 18 wheeler crash that included a dump truck. The accident occurred in the northbound lane of the 4800 block of US Hwy 59 North. The Timpson ISD school bus was unloading two young passengers when the driver of a dump truck failed to see the stopped bus. The driver slammed on his brakes, then sideswiped a tractor trailer. The force of the collision with the big rig forced the dump truck into the bus. The injured children were taken to a local hospital for treatment and observation.

Source: KTRE-TV

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