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Shooting at Canton Travel Center

A History of Dangerous Activity

The Flowers Law Firm is representing the victim of a brutal shooting at the Canton Travel Center, a truck stop located 35 miles northwest of Tyler on Interstate 20. The shooting occurred on June 14, 2016, when a belligerent customer was asked to leave the store. After he left the store, the customer went to his vehicle, retrieved his gun, and re-entered the store to shoot our client. 

Looking for Witnesses

If you witnessed this shooting firsthand, or know someone who did, please contact our office. You can can email your story to or call or text us at (903) 965-2000. We need your help to piece together what happened.

Dangerous Activity

We are learning that the Canton Travel Center has a history of dangerous activity. If you have seen anything dangerous happening at the store, or at the adjoining Long John Silver or A&W restaurants, please contact our office. You can email us at or you can call or text us at (903) 965-2000.

Video Evidence

You may have seen news articles and cell phone video of the shooting involving our client. There was at least one person, a resident of Van Zandt County, who recorded the incident on his cell phone and spoke to the local news media about his experience. His cell phone video shows two men arguing at the store’s fuel pumps. The video also shows our client exiting the store and asking the two men to leave. The recording also includes the sound of a single gunshot, followed by the suspect fleeing the building. Sanders told the local reporter that the store worker had been shot in the stomach and kept repeating, “He shot me. He shot me.”

Authorities Arrest Suspect

According to a local television station, The Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Department arrested Rudolph Chestang as the primary suspect in the shooting. After shooting our client, Chestang fled the scene in his vehicle. Canton police later caught Chestang at a Circle K convenience store less than ten miles away on Interstate 20.


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