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Sealy Residents Prepare Texas Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Residents in the town of Sealy are recovering from severe storms that caused at least $1 million in damages. Thousands of residents lost power for several hours, and traffic on Interstate 10 was blocked in both the eastbound and westbound directions. Homeowners in the city, located about 50 miles west of Houston, are also preparing their Texas storm damage insurance claims as the cleanup efforts continue throughout the area.

“Rare Microburst” Leads To Texas Storm Storm Insurance Claims

A report from the National Weather Service showed that a “microburst” destroyed more than 70 homes and at least a dozen businesses in Sealy during the Tuesday night storm. The report detailed a storm that produced wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour,. The damage from the microburst is consistent with the effects of an EF-1 tornado and is expected to lead to a high number of Texas storm damage insurance claims from residents.

Texas Storm Damage Insurance Claims May Include Lost Roof

The Texas storm damage insurance claims from the Sealy storm will likely include numerous businesses, including a local sports bar that saw its roof ripped off due to high winds. Owners, staff members, and patrons at Creekmore’s Sports Bar in Sealy attempted to ride the storm out, when high winds tore the roof off the venue’s pool room. One of the owners told a local reporter that they “looked towards the pool room and saw daylight.” Despite the heavy damages, no injuries were reported.

High Winds, Hail Stones, Add To Texas Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Weather observers in nearby Fort Bend County noted that the storm produced wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour, as well as golf-ball-sized hail stones. Residents of a Fort Bend County subdivision also reported heavy rains, while law enforcement officials investigated a possible tornado touchdown near the town of Simonton. Fort Bend County is among the most affluent Houston suburbs, so the dollar amount of the Texas storm damage insurance claims is expected to be well into the millions.

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When To File A Texas Storm Damage Insurance Claims Lawsuit

With the high number of Texas storm damage insurance claims from this and other storms, some insurance carriers may find ways to underpay or deny legitimate claims. Homeowners must understand that insurance adjusters work on behalf of the insurance carriers, not the policy holders. When an insurance carrier disregards the terms of its own policy and attempts to underpay or deny a policy holder’s claims, that policy may consider filing a Texas storm damage insurance claims lawsuit.

Know Your Rights in a Texas Storm Damage Insurance Lawsuit

The professional staff and experienced attorneys at The Flowers Law Firm stand ready to offer legal advice for Texas storm damage insurance claims. Our record of success and our list of satisfied clients shows that we work hard to protect the rights of Texas residents. Call or email us today to schedule a consultation on your Texas storm damage lawsuit, and we will be happy to discuss the details of your case.

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