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October Texas 18 Wheeler Crashes Lead To Injuries, Deaths

The month of October began with a series of Texas 18 wheeler crashes across the state. These accidents contributed to numerous injuries, as well as several fatalities. An early-morning Texas 18 wheeler crash near Houston led to at least one fatality. Another two accidents near New Braunfels led to a driver suffering potentially life-threatening injuries. A San Antonio man lost his life in a Texas 18 wheeler crash on the city’s Northeast Side, while a Tyler woman was left in critical condition due to her injuries in another accident.

Houston Texas 18 Wheeler Crashes Leads to Fatality

A Texas 18 wheeler crash near Houston lead to a fatality when the driver left his injured passenger in the damaged vehicle. During the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 11, a driver collided with a tractor trailer and then left the scene in another car. Texas Department of Public Safety officials stated that the passenger died at the scene. State troopers later found the driver at his father’s house and took him into custody. The truck driver in the Texas 18 wheeler crash was not injured nor was he charged.

Source: KTRK-TV

New Braunfels Texas 18 Wheeler Crashes Leave Driver in Critical Condition

A Texas 18 wheeler crash near New Braunfels led to an Austin woman suffering life-threatening injuries. The Texas 18 wheeler crash occurred around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, October 5, on Interstate 35 near Solms Road. The driver collided head-on with the big rig and had to be extricated from her vehicle. She was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center and placed in critical condition.

Another Texas 18 wheeler crash on I-35 occurred when a tractor trailer rear-ended a slow-moving SUV near Kohlenberg. The SUV was traveling in the slow lane at only 20 miles an hour, when the 18 wheeler struck it from behind at 70 miles an hour. The SUV then rolled along the freeway out of control. A New Braunfels Police spokesman said that the truck driver “didn’t notice the vehicle was traveling at 20 mph until right before impact.”

Source: KSAT-TV

Fatal San Antonio Texas 18 Wheeler Crash Under Investigation

San Antonio police are investigating a fatal Texas 18 wheeler crash on the city’s Northeast Side. The Texas 18 wheeler crash occurred on the southbound access road of I-35 near O’Connor. According to police reports, the driver of a black Chevrolet Camaro collided with a big rig that was pulling out of a gas station. The Camaro driver died from his injuries. Authorities did not report on any injuries to the truck driver.

Source: KABB-TV

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