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Flowers Law Firm Client Wins Injury Accident Lawsuit Verdict

The Flowers Law Firm is proud to announce a successful jury verdict in an auto accident lawsuit. The Flowers Law Firm worked alongside The Amaro Law Firm of Houston as well as Houston attorney Matt Elwell to obtain a significant verdict for a victim of a horrific car accident.

On the night of Oct. 20, 2012, plaintiff Frederick Blevins was driving east on Kingsland Boulevard in rainy conditions when he was involved in a collision that left him severely injured. Mr. Blevins’ vehicle collided with the rear of an eastbound telehandler construction vehicle. The construction vehicle was owned by Winco Masonry and driven by Winco employee Alejandro Sanchez.

Winco was a subcontractor on a construction project under general contractor Pepper Lawson Construction. Mr. Blevins sustained multiple injuries, including a severely broken leg that required more than ten surgical procedures. The repeated surgeries left substantial scarring in his right leg, and he now walks with a severe and permanent limp.

Failure to warn of a slow moving vehicle violates generally accepted safety standards.”

Mr. Blevins filed a personal injury lawsuit against Mr. Sanchez, Winco and Pepper Lawson, claiming that their negligence led to his injuries. This truck accident lawsuit claimed that the defendants operated the large construction vehicle on the public roadways, at night, in the rain, without providing drivers with either notice or warning of the construction activity.

The accident injury lawsuit claimed that the vehicle did not display any lights and did not put out any slow-moving vehicle warning signs. The failure to put out these signals or any other types of warnings made it impossible for Mr. Blevins to see the construction vehicle in the dark, rainy conditions until it was too late to avoid the collision.

Texas state regulations require construction vehicles to provide warning devices such as flagmen and escort vehicles. The construction safety expert in the truck accident lawsuit testified that the defendants had violated their contractual agreements and generally accepted safety standards by failing to provide such warning devices.

After several weeks of trial and several difficult legal issues, the jury finally rendered its ruling in the injury accident lawsuit and the Judge entered Judgment against the defendants for $170,850.

The case is Cause Number 2012-72845, Frederick Dale Blevins v. Pepper-Lawson Construction, L.P., Winco Masonry, L.P., and Alejandro Sanchez; In the 157th District Court of Harris County, Texas. This case is currently on appeal.

Sometimes a trial is necessary to hold people accountable for their negligent conduct. Car accidents are usually avoidable. Mr. Blevins was extremely unfortunate in that he had to endure such a horrific car wreck and personal injuries, but we were extremely grateful for the opportunity to help him obtain a measure of justice.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a large vehicle, you may want to consider filing a truck accident lawsuit. The personal injury attorney at The Flowers Law Firm, P.C. stands ready to help. You can receive a free, no-obligation consultation from our personal injury attorney by calling us at  (903) 965-2000, or email us at