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The Flowers Law Firm has worked with clients for over a decade as a Tyler family law attorney. Our clients in Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Henderson, and other towns across the region have come to rely on The Flowers Law Firm to provide top-notch legal counsel in family law matters. Our staff strives to ensure that our clients get the best representation possible for their divorce, child custody, or marital asset division cases.

Get the Help You Need From a Tyler, Texas, Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never an easy process. The breakup of a marriage can bring about emotional trauma, physical stress, and financial hardships. The Flowers Law Firm can work as your Tyler, Texas, divorce lawyer. We work to protect the rights of our clients in divorce cases, while offering professional advice on how to handle all the complexities that come with the legal dissolution of a marriage. From simple no-fault divorces to complex custody and asset arrangements, The Flowers Law Firm can help with your divorce.

Consult With a Tyler, Texas, Child Custody Attorney

Another aspect of the job as a Tyler, Texas, family law attorney involves child custody cases. Each case is as different as the families involved. Since each child has different needs, and each family has different means to cope with those needs, child custody cases can be among the most sensitive types of cases an attorney handles. The Flowers Law Firm has extensive experience in dealing with the sensitive nature of child custody cases. We work with our clients to ensure that the best interests of the children are foremost in resolving these cases.

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In most child custody cases, the non-custodial parent must make arrangements to pay child support to the other parent. The State of Texas has specific guidelines for child support payments, based on income, the number of children, and the needs of each child. The Flowers Law Firm can work for you as your Tyler, Texas, child support attorney to make sure that any support payment arrangement is fair, manageable, and sufficient to see to the children’s needs.

Consult With a Tyler, Texas, Child Protective Services Attorney

Child Protective Services (CPS) is responsible for investigating reports of abuse and neglect and placing kids in foster care. Often, CPS gets involved with families when one or both of the parents abuse drugs or alcohol. In these situations, CPS can legally remove any children from the home. The CPS attorneys at the Flowers Law Firm specialize in helping parents comply with CPS in order to get their children back into a healthy, safe environment.

Talk to a Tyler, Texas Marital Asset Attorney

Texas is a “community property” state, which means that any assets received by either spouse during the marriage are eligible to be divided evenly between the divorcing spouses. However, if any of those assets were either acquired by a spouse before the marriage, or if those assets were granted to only one spouse during the marriage, those assets are not eligible for division of community property. The professionals at the Flowers Law Firm can serve as your Tyler, Texas, marital asset attorney and determine which assets are eligible under Texas community property law.

Learn Your Rights with a Tyler, Texas, Family Law Attorney

To find out how we can help with your case, contact the Tyler, Texas, family law attorney at the Flowers Law Firm today at 903-965-2000. Our friendly staff will ask a few questions about your case and connect you to a Tyler, Texas, family law attorney.