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Child Protective Services (CPS) is responsible for investigating reports of abuse and neglect and placing kids in foster care. Often, CPS gets involved with families when one or both of the parents abuse drugs or alcohol. In these situations, CPS can legally remove any children from the home. The CPS attorneys at the Flowers Law Firm specialize in helping parents comply with CPS in order to get their children back into a healthy, safe environment.

An attack-dog mentality in CPS cases is typically not the most effective way to get your kids back.

The Judge and the CPS workers want to create a stable, loving environment for children, so coming to CPS court in fight mode is not always the best strategy. In most CPS cases, the proof required to remove a child from his or her parent is overwhelming. Parents who point fingers, make excuses, and deny obvious facts will look bad in the Judge’s eyes. Often, admitting your mistake and correcting the problem is the best solution.

Our East Texas CPS attorneys believe the most effective way to help clients get their kids back is by cooperating with child protective services and the court.

We stand by parents, and encourage them as they complete a court ordered plan. Our goal is to make sure you comply with CPS, make all your court dates, and get your children back home. Our CPS attorneys will be with you every step of the way.

Court hearings can be intimidating for anyone, so make sure you have an experienced CPS attorney at your side.

Our CPS attorneys can help you in Smith County and many of the surrounding counties, including Rusk County and Henderson County. In CPS cases, it is often smarter to be a lover, not a fighter. Let our CPS lawyers guide and help you through the long and demanding CPS case process.