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Cell Phones and Truck Drivers

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Cell phone use is prohibited – yet they are still a leading cause of truck accidents in Texas.

Beginning in January 2012, truck drivers and CDL operators are prohibited from using hand held cellphones while operating their commercial vehicle. Specifically, truck drivers are prohibited from holding, dialing or even reaching for a hand held device while driving. Violations of this law come with stiff monetary penalties – both for the actual truck drivers and their employers. Additionally, multiple violations could result in the truck driver losing his/her commercial driver’s license. Distracted driving is one of the most serious issues facing the transportation industry today. And while this law is great, in theory, enforcement is absolutely necessary.

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The Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving

Consider that the typical truck or 18-wheeler weighs approximately 25 times more than a typical family sedan. Even a moment of distraction can lead to devastating and life changing catastrophe if there is an 18 wheeler collision. Additionally, cell phone usage requires the driver’s hands, the driver’s eyes, and the driver’s cognitive attention. Taking all three of these things away from the road while operating 75,000+ pounds of moving machinery can lead to a tragic truck wreck.

What Can an Attorney Do to Help Me?

When a person is injured as a result of a Texas truck wreck or 18 wheeler collision, the first investigation must be into what caused the collision. An East Texas truck wreck attorney can tell you that it is important that the investigation begin immediately – as in, at the scene of the truck wreck.

There is important information that can be obtained from the scene:

  • Photographs,
  • Automobile positions,
  • And whether the driver of the 18 wheeler had a cell phone on him.

Although the ownership of a cell phone is expected (most people own cell phones now), determining whether a truck driver was using a cell phone at the time of the truck wreck will require an attorney with experience in conducting these types of investigations. Many times, truck drivers or their employers have tried to hide this information due to the liability they may incur. But, any person injured in a truck wreck has the right to know the truth and be compensated for their injuries.

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