Tyler Texas Attorney

Divorce is never any easy process, but it need not be an expensive one. Some divorcing spouses turn to a “do it yourself” approach in order to save on attorney fees. However, you can get family law expertise, divorce guidance, and completed professional legal documents from an experienced divorce attorney without spending an arm and a leg.

The uncontested divorce attorneys at the Flowers Law Firm can help you get through your divorce for one flat fee.

This covers all filing fees, court costs, and document preparation. Our divorce attorneys can help divorcing spouses fairly divide property by teaching their clients about Texas community property laws, and explaining how a Judge would likely divide the property.

Often the biggest point of contention in divorce is child custody and possession.

However, these kinds of fights can have serious negative effects on children as they are sometimes forced to pick sides or pick a favorite. Don’t drag your children through a tug of war with your spouse when you can instead hire a uncontested divorce attorney to help you come up with an agreeable plan that is best for your kids.

Why should more splitting couples seek to compromise and go their separate ways without court intervention?

For one, the Judge is likely a stranger to most divorcing couples. This means that spouses can either agree on who gets what, or a stranger can divide their property and children for them. Second, for couples with children, its easier on both the children and their divorced parents to comply with their own custom made parenting plan rather than a court ordered default standard possession order.

Uncontested, amicable divorces are obviously not plausible in many divorce cases. Those are the cases that quickly become expensive, long legal battles. If you and/or your soon to be ex-spouse think there is a chance you can agree to divorce terms, our no-fault divorce attorneys can help you get on with your lives at an affordable price.