Tyler Texas Attorney

A lot of lawyers will tell you they got into the legal business “to help people.” And over the years, we have helped many people with various cases. From business disputes and car accident cases to divorce and custody cases, we have been blessed to be able to truly say that “we helped.”

When our client approached us earlier this year, she described a horrible situation. When her child was three years old, the child’s father took the child and never returned him. The father changed his phone number, changed his address, and was literally “off the grid.” Police told her that it was a civil matter, not criminal, so they could not help her. For two years she searched, prayed, and searched some more. Our client just wanted to see her baby again. Then she hired us.

Through the efforts of a very persistent legal assistant, a private investigator, and good old fashioned legal persistence, we were able to locate the father.

We found the boy!

The next step was to get the Court to order the return of the child to mother. Our family lawyer, David Chilek, filed the necessary paperwork and set an emergency hearing. At the hearing, the Judge (rightly) ordered that the child be removed from the father and be placed in the home of our client. IMMEDIATELY!

The reunion between mother and son happened mere minutes later at the courthouse. And, as David reported, this was the “single greatest day of my legal career.”