Tyler Texas Attorney

In January 2014, The Flowers Law Firm resolved the claims of our clients, two sisters, who were injured in a car wreck in Houston, Texas. The negligent driver ran a stop sign and t-boned our client on the driver’s side. Both of the sisters sustained severe neck and back injuries, and fortunately no bones were broken. However, the driver sustained a serious and deep gash in her arm from the broken glass. The emergency room physicians were able to clean out the glass and stitch up the wound, but the scarring was very noticeable. A plastic surgeon informed the young woman that he would not be able to make the scar completely disappear and that she would have a large scar on her left arm for the rest of her life.

Thankfully, the driver who blew the stop sign told the truth and took responsibility for her inattention. The negligent driver’s insurance company initially tried to swoop in and settle the injury claim with the sisters for a minimal amount. But, after hiring our firm, the sisters eventually understood the severity and extent of their injuries. Eventually, we were able to resolve the claim with the insurance company for the policy limits without the necessity of filing a lawsuit.

Not all car wreck claims are successful and not all Texas car accident claims resolve like this one. But, this was a good result for some good people.