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Infected After a Medical Procedure?

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Millions of people are infected after a medical procedure each year, and many could have been prevented. If you, a friend or family member has experienced a serious infection or death following a procedure with reusable instrumentation, you should contact us immediately to discuss whether you have a case that merits legal action. Not all medical situations warrant a lawsuit, but our team is on standby to evaluate your individual situation. We have helped people just like you get the representation they deserve!

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Doctors, hospital risk managers, and surgical services supervisors were warned by the FDA in July 2009 of instances in which pieces of tissue remained within reusable medical devices even after they were cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The FDA warning went on to say that since retained tissue in these devices can compromise the entire sterilization process, the FDA would require the manufacturers of these devices to gather more data about this situation in order to understand its potential risk to the public.

Do I Have a Valid Case?

If you are wondering whether or not you have a valid medical infection case, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you acquire an infection as a result of being in a hospital or some other medical facility?
  • Approximately, what was the date(s) when you were in a hospital or other medical facility?
  • Approximately, how long after your hospitalization did you first experience symptoms of your infection?
  • What type of infection did you acquire?
  • What complications or symptoms have you experienced as a result of your infection?

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